Network Configurations

  1. DHCP services are needed for the bootdisk to work. We have our dhcp.conf file in the other_configs directory.

  2. SPP (Samba Password Program). In order for an NT box to be able to log onto a samba server the machine account has to be recreated. In order to do this we created a client/server sort of system that allows a build machine to request the samba server to recreate the machine's account. There are two pieces in the spp and sppd directory. The spp program needs to be compiled and placed in jacal_main/scripts/. The sppd program needs to be compiled and run on your samba server. It runs as a daemon. They both seem pretty well behaved but they aren't secure, so if you're worried about somebody discovering the port and making all your Win NT workstation inaccessible then you may want to change the machine password by hand. Or if you come up with a secure and sensible way to do it then let us know.

  3. In order to create a linux partition we use a tool similar to the spp tool to "rsync" files from a master linux box to the build machine's linux partition. The client side run from the build machine is jacal_main/scripts/rcclient. The server side must be running on the linux machine that is going to be copied and it is jacal_main/scripts/ It isn't as well behaved as sppd and may have to be restarted every now and then. Plus, since it isn't secure either, you may want to only have it running while you are doing Linux builds.