JACAL_samba Setup

  1. You will now need a functioning samba server. For this stage you will really want to consult the build_process_linux and nt_app_howto documents to figure out how this part is used. Some of the important parts of our smb.conf file are included in the other_configs directory.

  2. Unless you are just using this system to install NT automatically then you will probably want to create some application images using the sysdiff utility. You will defitely want to refer to the nt_app_howto.sgml on how to do this. You won't have to create sysdiff application images that are able to run off the network, but we find that it is convenient since we have over 7Gb of application data that we'd rather not be installed on each workstation. Plus it would take many hours to run each unattended install if all the applications had to be installed locally.

    A promise from me about getting applications to run off the network using sysdiff: you will be extremely frustrated. In the end it is worth it to be able to have a workstation setup from scratch without intervention in under an hour (on our 100Mb network), but it sure takes a lot of work up front. "Sysdiffing" applications and leaving them to install locally is much simpler (although you will probably still have headaches). You may want to find the NT unattended reference that Microsoft has online at: http://www.microsoft.com/TechNet/winnt/winntas/technote/implemntintegra/advsysdf.asp It has a fairly good overview of how to use sysdiff. This process is also fairly well documented in the nt_app_howto document (one of the few areas that is well documented so far). If you find any good shortcuts or ways around things or make some scripts to automate more of the process be sure to send them to us. Also, let us know if you are struggling with specific appllication annoyances, it is possible we may have already encountered them and remember the solution.

  3. You will also want to use put the files in the netlogon directory into your own netlogon directory (don't just dump them though). In order to make "current_user" registry updates for applications you have to do it through using a login script when that user logs in. Sysdiff will apply current user registry changes only to the default user registry hive.