Can I use the stuff from JACAL?

Yes. Our intention all along is that this project would be able to benefit others as much as possible. You may take what we've devoped and do just about anything you want with it with a couple of exceptions. Some of the tools currently included in the JACAL download are proprietary. Therefore control of them is in the hands of the original creator. Concering the other parts that are truely new to the JACAL project, they fall under the GPL (GNU Public License). Please visit for more info. Essentially you can copy, redistribute and even re-sell this stuff but you can't prohibit other from doing the same. You must make the source available if you redistribute JACAL (that includes changes you have made to it).

The project is still pretty young, and we've just started releasing it to the public. So needless to say, it will be a challenge for you to wade through the various tools and ideas that are a part of JACAL. We've started to document it and there should be sufficient information to get started, but there isn't a cohesive installation script, just my install document. So be warned... :-). Feel free to ask us questions about it. That will help in further developing the project and documenting it.