Unattended Installation of NT:

Once the computer has rebooted into NT, the unattended install begins using the answer file that was copied from /auto/jacal/ntscriptroot/unattend.txt. The unattend.txt files is used to complete each part of the base NT install without any assistance. Unfortunately, the unattend file does not have the capability to setup graphics and sound drivers properly. The last thing that is performed by the unattended setup is to execute the file copied from /auto/jacal/ntscriptroot/$win_nt$.~ls/$oem$/cmdlines.txt. This file inserts values into the registry which will execute the appropriate "string-of-pearls" when the machine is rebooted. The registry file that is inserted is copied from /auto/jacal/ntscriptroot/temp/sop.reg. Then the unattended install reboots the machine.