Copying Files Locally:

/auto/jacal/scripts/ is called. This script copies the zipped up NT install files contained in the file /auto/jacal/ntinstallroot/ntinst.tgz to the NT partition. This archive is then unzipped on the partition and the zipped file is then removed.

The ntinst.tgz is created from the files in /auto/jacal/ntinstallroot/workingdir/ using the script mkzip in the ntinstallroot directory. After the NT install files are unzipped on the target partition, files in the ntpatchroot directory are unzipped on top of the NT install files that are already on the target partition. This adds certain administrative tools in the c:\admin directory and also adds certain drivers, such as network cards to the base NT install files. Other programs and files that do not require an actual Windows based install can be added to ntpatchroot in their appropriate directories (i.e. c:\admin\ is used for administrative tools such as shutdown, regmon, filemon, sysdiff, etc).

Then the ntscriptroot directory is copied to the target directory. The difference here is that each file is parsed first in order to replace certain machine localization variables with their correct values, using the script. For example, the text string "SOP_TYPE" will be replaced with the type of NT installation being performed (full, sysdiff, or bare).